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BinaryAge Total Spaces 2

Update from February 2022

Following troubles with my macbook pro, I switched to a macbook air with Mac OS 10.12. Testing a few days later Bootcamp with Windows 10, well to my own surprise I kept using it. I only modified a few stuff in my folder and different browsers instead of different profiles. I love it ! I don’t know how to say that, but yeah I’m back on Windows.

Update from November 2021

I’m still using different applications to perform a single task and I kind of like it. Total Spaces 2 is an awesome application and has still a bright future at least with freelancers/entrepreneurs or polyglots like me.

Update from December 2020

Twitter, Instagram, and most of the popular applications now let users log in with multiple accounts inside the app. Great news, let’s be clear I’m still using Total Spaces 2.

For people like me who would like to write or express myself in different languages, well nothing has been done seriously probably because of the usability issues. All blogging platforms would suggest you keep separate blogs per language, and Facebook will do a shitty translation of your post on your behalf pretending to work on improvements and looking forward to connect worldwide citizens. Bullshit!

Update from August 2019

Due to Apple’s security policy, you still have to disable SIP which I do not recommend but anyway for Catalina Patcher to work I had to do it.

I love the applications made by the company BinaryAge. The first one I used was the free Total Terminal that gives you the classic terminal as a quake-like console.

About Total Spaces 2

With Total Spaces 2, you can create multiple virtual desktops to manage your applications. It’s really interesting to use it especially when you want to split profiles like personal and professional accounts, and want to keep them in separate spaces keeping the same session. Since MacOSX 10.3 Apple has released something called Mission Control but in my opinion, it has never been intuitive to use.

So Total Spaces 2 let you easily organize your window so you can group your software by your choice. Consider it as an extra overlay or a toolbox for Mission Control. And even if Mission Control has greatly been improved during the last years I still use it.

Why Total Spaces 2

The primary issue with Apple or Google for me, it’s getting better and better but outside software like browsers, well if you want to login with different accounts/profiles at the same time, you just can’t. You have to create separate users or use different applications if you want to use them within the same session. It’s a pity.

How does Total Spaces 2 work?

Well it’s really simple, as you can see in the screenshot below you can visualize your virtual spaces through a system of grid you can fully customize. Add or remove virtual spaces on the fly and switch between spaces through specific shortcuts you can define by yourself.

Really easy to understand and to setup!

How do I use it?

I don’t split spaces per client anymore but I split spaces per project. As I’m getting older – and more mature? – I’m restricting myself to a few projects at the same time so no more than 3 spaces.
Here is the expose of my virtual desktops on my external display of my MacBook Pro :

Screenshot from my display 1Screenshot from my display 2

As you can see no funky backgrounds, soft grey colors with no widgets or other disturbing elements. On the other side stands the laptop itself. Typically I dedicate this screen to remote communications and has only a unique space with a Slack Window – or similar chat applications – and Kiwi for Gmail, or similar email applications.

Special case: if I launch Parallels to test stuff on my Windows OS, a virtual space is added as a new row (vertical switch).

That’s it. Don’t try it or you won’t be able to live without it anymore.