Enchanté, I’m Peter Power ! よろしくどうぞ。
French web professional relocated to Japan, I’ve been coding interfaces for all kinds of devices.

In December 2021, I went back to WordPress – the famous blogging platform – and this has been my new home since. I’m publishing content related to programming, music, and photos. I’m also trying to package data from of my past to create a bundle of memories.

WordPress Warrior and a Movable Type Ninja, in my little spare time, I shut down my computer and move my ass away from my desk to take a snapshot of the moment. I don’t do SNS-related art, just visually freezing a moment of an environment or someone’s life. I used to manage a not-so-famous online photo gallery called Removable Time – a term originally inspired by Jeff Starr’s Perishable Press blog.

Well, thank you for sharing a part of your journey with me, and enjoy your visit!