Enchanté, I’m Pierre-Henri Lavigne aka Peter Power ! よろしくどうぞ。
French web professional relocated to Japan, I’ve been coding interfaces for all kinds of devices since 2005.

After sharing data on computing and my life in Japan on various blogging platforms, in December 2021 I decided to switch back to the famous WordPress system, and this has been my new home since.

I’m trying to package data from of my past to create a bundle of memories while making new WordPress extensions. I keep publishing content related to programming, music, and photos but you will probably find more about my tastes on SoundCloud or other social networks.

WordPress Warrior and a Movable Type Ninja, in my little spare time, I shut down my computer and move my ass away from my desk to take a snapshot of the moment. I don’t do marketing related art on Instagram or TikTok, just visually freezing a moment of an environment or someone’s life. I used to manage a not-so-famous online photo gallery called Removable Time – a term originally inspired by Jeff Starr’s Perishable Press blog.

Well, thank you for sharing a part of your journey with me, and enjoy your visit!